ProfilePhotoBeth Bjorklund is a wife and mother who began painting again after 25 years of raising kids and keeping house.

She likes to paint fruit and flowers and people she loves.  She’s working on 32 individual 8″x10″ portraits of her family and in-laws that will hang above her mantle in a 4’x8′ grid.

Her realistic approach to painting is to be up-close and personal, giving the viewer a splash of beauty.  “I hope it makes you FEEL,” she says.  Beth’s paintings are in homes all over the United States.

She was born in Waukegan, Illinois, and raised in Sacramento, California.  She attended American River College and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design with a minor in Art from Chico State University.

Beth made her living as a designer/illustrator when she graduated in 1979, designing logos and business systems, package design, newspaper advertising design and layout.

She was a State of California award winner for her 3-dimensional displays of Glenn County at three of the California State Fairs.

Her paintings and giclees may be purchased at these Chico stores:

Zucchini & Vine on the corner of 2nd & Main and at

The Galley, 551 Country Drive

Beth’s art is also in San Fransisco at this fine store:

Collage Gallery
1345 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107



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